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Micro Vascular Model





Vascular anastomosis performed under a microscope, such as a bypass surgery in neurosurgery and free flap transplantation in plastic surgery, is an advanced surgical technique that requires a very delicate technique.

It is desirable that the force of insertion and ligation with a needle thread thinner than the hair should be as close to clinical as possible in the training stage. Depending on the situation, having a false sense by repeated training using materials such as silicone that are different touch feeling from the body's blood vessels can be a risk in real surgery.


The EXSURG.® Microvascular model is a training model with a similar touch feeling to real vascular. We had repeating sensory tests again and again under the supervision of Professor Kazunobu Hashikawa of Kobe University Plastics Surgery. Since its launch in 2010, the total number of shipments has exceeded 30,000. It has been used by the surgeon around the world who would like to improve microsurgery techniques.

Vascular model Academic Edition (Thin)


Vascular model Academic Edition (Midium)


Vascular model Super Supple 2mm

Vascular model Super Supple 2mm

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